Our Story

Incubated in 2018, we are among the fastest growing digital advertising solutions company for Media and Data monetization.


To create the largest audience ecosystem integral to digital communication


To build logical advertising & communications ecosystem ensuring true value for all partners & stakeholders

Purpose / Objective

Drive the business opportunities for best ROI to our partners

We are a professionally managed advertising sales partner

What we do

What exactly do we offer?
  • We provide efficient solutions on digital advertising, data and content monetization.
  • We work with our partners who have entrusted us to fulfill the need of monetizing their digital assets
  • Key verticals where we work in tandem to create right value for our clients
  • Ad Representation/Ad Monetization
Content and Brand Solutions

The power of digital communication is not unknown in today’s competitive market. We help you create stories and striking content on digital platforms to reach your audience. From identifying your target group to creating and planning your digital marketing strategy to curating content for you based on which social media to work on, we do it all for you. We will also help you find best ways to reach your customers in a sustainable way that ensures brand recall.

Ad Monetization / Representation

We help you fully monetize your website and generate revenue through your app, web or blog by using advertisements. You may have underutilized ad space or your current ads might be underperforming. We help in optimizing your website’s ad stack, creating efficient ad-layouts for you, building innovative ad formats, recovering money lost through adblock and many more such services which can increase your revenue substantially and efficiently use your website.

Unlock the True Revenue Potential of Your Website
Ad Layout Optimisation
Header Bidding
Adblock Recovery
Innovative Ad Formats
Ad Mediation
AMP convertor
Marketing Solutions

We can fulfill all your marketing needs to help you increase sales, brand visibility, traffic, lead generation, optimize conversion and dig deeper into marketing analytics to find out how better we can market your products and services. We’re your one stop solution for all your marketing concerns.

Services Offered
Search Engine Optimization
Online Reputation Management
Website design & development
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Tech solutions Application development
Pay per click advertisement
Audience Monetization

With the shift from contextual buying to audience buying, there is an urgent need to realize the importance of the audience on your platform. Audience buying will directly allow you to monetize your audience segments based on a broad range of historical data. It means that you have the ability to unlock the value of your audience. It means that if you leverage the power of your audience and make it available to advertisers, they’ll want to buy from you.

We're India's first core data monetization platform focused on making this monetization possible for you through transparent reporting and satisfactory results.
We work with to bring to our partners an AUDIENCE PLATFORM that activates data monetization for them in real time across multiple clients.

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